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How to Retweet – Twitter Help Center

How to Retweet

A Retweet is when you re-post someone else’s Tweet or one of your own. You can add your own comments before Retweeting, making it a Quote Tweet.

Introduction | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

The Quote Tweets lookup endpoint is a REST endpoint that takes a single path parameter to indicate the desired Tweet (by Tweet ID). Tweets are delivered in …

GET /2/tweets/:id/quote_tweets | Docs – Twitter Developers

GET /2/tweets/:id/quote_tweets | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

Returns Quote Tweets for a Tweet specified by the requested Tweet ID. The Tweets returned by this endpoint count towards the Project-level Tweet cap.

About different types of Tweets

The Quote Tweet feature allows you to Tweet another person’s Tweet with your own comment added. About replies sent from accounts with protected Tweets

Learn about the types of Tweets you can come across on Twitter, and where to find them.

Quote Tweeting and Retweeting in Social Media Management

Quote Tweeting and Retweeting in Social Media Management – Social Media Management

30. dec. 2022 — Select which Twitter channel you’d like the Quote Tweet to appear on (note, this doesn’t have to be the profile the tweet mentions).

You can quickly build loyalty and drive engagement from within your Twitter community by sharing the tweets that your followers send to…

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